What is the best WEBCAM?

How do I know which one to choose - there are SO MANY!

Should I buy a MICROPHONE?

Which one should I choose?

Do I need special LIGHTING?

Why do my eyes look dark and sunken?

How much SPACE do I need?

Do I need a dedicated room for a studio?

How much does a studio COST?

Do I have to spend $ Thousands?

My BACKGROUND is ugly!

How can I make my background look professional?

Do I have to hire a PROFESSIONAL?

Should I even try to do this on my own?

For answers to ALL these questions plus MANY more, check out the Webinar Studio Pro Training

The only 2 must-haves to produce Professional Video Webinars:

  • Knowledge

    • A basic understanding of Video Production Principals (hardware/setup, lighting, camera/settings, background)

  • Equipment

    • You don’t need to spend a fortune to get the tools you need!

Which one of these guys looks more CREDIBLE?

What People Are Saying:

“Coach Roger saved me weeks of shopping for equipment and  learning what I needed to buy on a start-up budget. He rescued me from hours of lousy-looking webinars…and probably thousands of dollars in lost income. He is THE webinar studio pro. Thank you so much!” 

Leena S., Walnut Creek, CA

“Wow!  This is fantastic information!  I didn’t realize how much better I could look on video.  I implemented Roger’s recommendations from this training, and it has dramatically improved how I appear on webinars and video calls.  And I did it mostly with things I had around the house.  You definitely want to spend the time to watch Roger’s training as it will help improve your image and your online brand.”

Drew J., Chandler, AZ 

“Thank you for presenting information that is clear and practical. I want to create professional looking webinars and you make that process less frightening. Your delivery was so personal and I feel that I now have a friend in the Webinar production business. Excellent work!”

Alicia J., Birmingham, AL

“That was exceptional!! Everything I learned as a portrait photographer many years ago STILL APPLIES – Only now it’s on a computer camera …I felt like I was in the same room with you…wanting to converse.”

Linda N., Seguin, TX 

“I watched your videos twice and would highly recommend folks to do the same, there is such great content you could miss the first time. Roger, you are such a great asset to our community! “

Becky S., Phoenix, AZ

“Roger, thank you! You have made this sound very doable for first-timers!”

Sally G., Atlanta, GA

“Very well done Roger, your videos were very helpful! I will look for more in the future . I have already used it for my 1st Webinar last night.”

Donald L., Fresno, CA

“I am so excited for my training from WebinarStudioPro, I am not technical, and the materials provided help for someone ‘like me’ to be able to produce quality webinar’s.  The instruction I received is excellent and very easily applied. The information will take my webinars from amateur to professional looking THANKS!”

Sue G., Bedford, PA

“I am so very thankful that I didn’t even try to make a video before watching this training! From a background in theater and some TV work in high school I have a basic knowledge of lighting. It’s different when it comes to cameras and microphones for web usage, so this was extremely useful for me.”

Peggy A., Waco, TX

Thank you Roger and I want to express major Kudos to you for this training. Your expert advice was a big help setting up for my first Webinar appearance yesterday. Due to your inspiring training, I knew details about setting up lighting and a good back drop solution no added expense!

David N., Fresno, CA